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Keys to successful Catalytic Converter repair:

1.Check for TSB’s.

2.Correct all other engine trouble codes.

3.Check or replace all O2 sensors.

4.De-Carbonize all engines over 80,000 miles.

5.Inspect for head and intake gasket leaks.

6.Check EGR system and clean ports of excess carbon build up.

7.Inspect and test fuel pressure.

8.Leaking injectors.

9.Check for heavy oil usage.

10.Monitor fuel trim for signs of excessive correction by the PCM.

11.DO NOT USE silicone sealers.

12.Reset all monitors and Drive Cycle test.

13.PCM Re-flash if needed.

14.Fill out the warranty card

15.What was the initial problem that prompted you to change the catalytic converter?

16.Did you have the work done by a professional?

17.What was the millage on the vehicle when work was done?

18.Plugs wires O2 sensors bring up issues with catalytics for vehicles over 100K miles.

19.Toyotas once the catalytic is replaced the ECM brain module must be reset.

20.Catalytics don’t go bad by themselves.

21.Go Under the vehicle and look at the color of catalytic – catalytics that overheat look red if there is too much carbon or too much un-burn fuel.

Please consult a profession for full details. This information is for reference only. We are not professional mechanics. This is the information given to us by the manufacturer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify and fact check the above text."

Part Fitment:
The buyer is responsible to verify this item is the correct fit for their vehicle. Do not modify any part - If the part does not fit properly, please contact us immediately. Any part that is modified by the buyer without authorization will automatically void any warranty or return policy.

Do not install this product without first diagnosing and repairing the conditions that caused the original converter to fail. Diagnosis by a trained automotive professional is highly recommended. Installing this converter without determining the root cause of the failure will severely damage the new converter. Converters damaged by an improperly running engine will be denied Warranty coverage by the manufacturer.