Universal Stainless steel performance muffler 3" Offset / Center

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This Listing Includes: One (1)  Performance Offset / Center Universal Muffler .Part Detail: Muffler 3"ID Single Inlet 3"ID Single Outlet You are buying a brand new Stainless Steel Performance Muffler with a 3"ID Single Inlet and 3"ID Single Outlet. .This Muffler provides you with a Very Smooth, Deep Performance Sound that stays mild when you want it and gets louder as you get on the throttle. Features: Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel Construction. Straight-Thru Core Design Smooth, Deep Performance Sound    Dimensions: .3"ID Center Reversible. .3"ID Offset Reversible. .4" X 9" X 18" Case Dimensions .24" Overall Length muffler is reversible for custom installation
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